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    CAAHEP Opposes Proposed Changes in EMS Certification Exam Eligibility

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    CHEA Recognized

What is CAAHEP?

The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs is the largest programmatic accreditor of the health sciences professions. In collaboration with its Committees on Accreditation, CAAHEP reviews and accredits over 2100 individual education programs in 32 health science occupations. CAAHEP accredited programs are assessed on an ongoing basis to assure that they meet the Standards and Guidelines of each profession.

CAAHEP is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). CAAHEP is also member of the Association of Specialized & Professional Accreditors (ASPA).


July 14

CAAHEP Board Strategic Planning Session

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 07/14/2022

July 15

CAAHEP Board of Directors Meeting

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 07/15/2022

July 15

CoA Summer Workshop

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 07/15-16/2022

PBS' Spotlight on CAAHEP Accreditation


  • "The accreditation process allowed me as the program director to evaluate the program comprehensively. Without the self study process I don't think one could evaluate their program in this manner. It helped me clearly identify strengths and weaknesses. I know which areas to focus on in order to make improvements. The students are now el... - Casey Davis
  • "Being a CAAHEP accredited program is essential for our program. CAAHEP ensures that the program meets the guidelines required to effectively ensure that students are receiving a proper education to prepare them for the workforce and to become Certified Surgical Technologists. The college and the program v... - Rebecca Lawson
  • "Students who graduate from our program are automatically qualified to sit for the AAMA exam and become CMAs.  Because we are a CAAHEP accredited program, we are constantly seeking to improve and enhance our program in order to stay in compliance with the high standards set by CAAHEP. Employers in our community know we are trainin... - Holly Elliott
  • "CAAHEP accreditation gives credibility to our program and the profession of clinical exercise physiology." - Samuel Headley
  • "I am a firm believer in program accreditation, and believe CAAHEP has done a wonderful job in setting standards that improve the educational process. I was CONVINCED my program was good before accreditation, but didn't have a means of proving it. Going through the self-study(ies), the site visit(s), and the review process I have been a... - Jeff McDonald