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Committee on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Education

Andrea Van Hook

2025 M Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 367-1121

To be eligible for CoA RATE review, interested programs must submit the Request for Accreditation ServicesAll requests for accreditation services must be submitted by the 1st Wednesday of June or October. Self-studies must be submitted by the 3rd Wednesday of June or October. 

General steps for submitting application and subsequent process:*
The steps below present a high-level overview of the full accreditation process. The full process is well-documented in the policies & procedures manual, and further detail is included in the self-study document itself, as well as the site visitors' handbook. The standards and curriculum map worksheet should be used as guides when completing the self-study.

1.  Complete Request for Accreditation Services form;
2.  Program Director, submits self-study and $2,000 review fee to CoA RATE administrator; 
​​​3. Program Director submits $2,000 site visit fee, site visitors conduct site visit;
Based on recommendation from CoA RATE, CAAHEP notifies program of accreditation status.

Sponsoring Organization for CoA RATE

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America

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About CoA RATE:


Policies & Procedures

Documents Needed for Accreditation:

Request for Accreditation Service
Self Study
(effective Oct. 1, 2017)

Supplmentary Documents for the Accreditation Process:

Curriculum Map Worksheet
Site Visitors' Manual
Field Experience Guidance Document*
Field Experience Template for Programs
Field Experience Reviewer Examples
On-Site Survey Report

*Note to programs: there are three field experience alternatives to provide students sufficient hands-on experience with clients.