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Maintaining Program Data and Outcomes URL

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Once a program receives CAAHEP accreditation that information reaches a broad audience through the CAAHEP website listing of accredited programs. CAAHEP prides itself on providing a valuable service to the public by maintaining a database driven list of CAAHEP accredited programs on the CAAHEP website. We work diligently to maintain the integrity of the data and do our best to ensure that all program data presented is accurate.

Individuals who are looking for accredited programs may search the CAAHEP database via the website by:

  • profession,
  • degree within profession,
  • concentration or track within profession,
  • on-line/distance by profession,
  • recently accredited (past 6 months) by profession and
  • recently withdrawn (past 6 months) by profession.
Each of the above profession-specific program searches can be further defined by searching within a particular state.

In accordance with CAAHEP’s recognizing body, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), CAAHEP provides public accessibility to information about the accreditation process, the results of the accreditation reviews, and student achievement. An individual who is reviewing an accredited program’s record on the CAAHEP website will find the Program Director’s name and contact information, as well as the address of the program, its current accreditation status, the degree(s) and concentrations or tracks offered, the most recent CAAHEP award letter, and the URL to the program’s outcomes on the program’s website. But this listing is only as good as the information received. Please notify CAAHEP at updates@caahep.org of any changes that affect the program (personnel, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.). Please help us do some extra public relations on your behalf, while increasing the accuracy and integrity of the data provided. To review your program’s information, visit the Accredited Programs listing.

Outcomes URL

CAAHEP Standard V.A.4. Publications and Disclosure requires sponsoring institutions to maintain, and make available to the public, current and consistent summary information about student/graduate achievement, including one or more outcomes assessments required in Section IV.B. of the Standards.  As stated above, the URL that links directly to the program’s published outcomes is included in program website listings (in the Find an Accredited Program section).  Please check with the Committee on Accreditation (CoA)  for your profession for specific information regarding which outcomes must be published for your profession/program. And, please make a note to keep the CoA and CAAHEP updated if the URL changes. Send notifications to CAAHEP at updates@caahep.org.