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Public Notifications

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CAAHEP Seeks Recent Graduate Commisioner
The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) is seeking a Recent Graduate Commissioner, who represents the interests of students in the accreditation of health science education programs. If you are or know of a recent graduate in one of the professions in which CAAHEP accredits programs, please share the following information and encourage the recent graduate to consider this position. Becoming involved with an organization such as CAAHEP is a tremendous opportunity to become more involved with your profession, gain experience, and broaden your professional network and (will look great on your resume!). 
Recent Graduate Qualifications:
A "recent graduate" is someone who has graduated from a CAAHEP accredited program no more than three years prior to being appointed. The candidate must:

  • understand and be willing to represent on the Commission the interests of students enrolled in health science education programs. 
  • be working in the health science field for which he/she was trained.
  • demonstrate active involvement in his/her health science field.

As a CAAHEP Commissioner, the recent graduate attends the CAAHEP Annual Meeting (held each January with all travel and lodging expenses paid by CAAHEP), participates every April in the online business meeting of the Commission where actions such as electing the CAAHEP Board of Directors; reviewing/voting on Bylaws changes; approving new organizations for membership in CAAHEP; and voting on whether professions new to CAAHEP should be voted eligible to join. They may also address the Commission at the Annual Meeting on a topic of their choice. The Recent Graduate Commissioner also will chair a committee of current students and/or other recent graduates to discuss issues and convey their suggestions and concerns to the CAAHEP Board of Directors.
The Recent Graduate Commissioner serves for three years, with the term beginning July 2020.
Interested? Here's how to Apply:
To be considered for the Recent Graduate Commissioner position, please complete the Recent Graduate Commissioner Nomination Form and return it with your resume, and three references. Forms are due June 1, 2020, for consideration by the Board at their July Board meeting. CAAHEP's Executive Director may contact the references on the Nomination Form. An Advisory Committee of the Board will review all nominees and will make recommendation to the CAAHEP Board. The CAAHEP President will notify the person selected. Please email or fax the Nomination Form, resume, and references to: megivern@caahep.org or fax 727-210-2354.
Please contact Kathy Megivern, CAAHEP Executive Director, if you have any questions.