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In the Beginning...

Twenty-five years ago, a fledgling organization once known as CAHEA – a committee of the AMA - took its first steps to independence. The organization chose the name Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, which is a long way to say, “Let’s make sure allied health education programs produce the best-qualified entry-level employees.” And, so it began…

When I think about it, 1994 seems as if it were just a couple of years ago, but looking back on newsletters and reports from CAAHEP’s beginning, times were very different. It was the 1996-1997 Annual Report that announced CAAHEP would be making an “Internet presence.” Early communication was through CompuServe, which was the first major commercial online service provider. It was known for its online chat system and message forums covering a variety of topics. CAAHEP’s CompuServe address was 7576,14444, and most certainly was accessed through a dial-up connection and that unmistakable squeal. CAAHEP’s technology has certainly evolved like most organizations with blast emails, social media, electronic newsletters and such, and it continues to evolve today with a new database, online self-study, and annual reporting module currently in the works.

While the technology, professions, policies and procedures have changed over time, CAAHEP’s mission and core values have remained constant. In January 2019, the CAAHEP Board, Liaisons, and Staff worked to develop a new strategic plan that will take us in to 2021. What’s interesting is the similarity of the goals we developed just last month to what our “founding fathers” developed in CAAHEP’s first strategic initiatives:

1st Annual Report Mission and Goals:
The mission of CAAHEP is to provide recognition and continuous quality improvement of allied health education programs in the CAAHEP system.
  1. To promote and support the education of competent allied health professionals.
  2. To provide programmatic and specialized accreditation, and facilitate coordination service for allied health education.
  3. To maintain recognition as a national specialized accrediting organization.
  4. To streamline the existing accreditation process and effect the reduction of accreditation costs while maintaining integrity and credibility in the accreditation process.
  5. To compile, analyze, and disseminate information and related data on healthcare accreditation.
  6. To promote the research and study of critical issues related to healthcare accreditation.
  7. To work toward the development of an all-inclusive accrediting agency for healthcare education services.
  8. To serve as a primary source of expertise and assistance to institutions and programs in matters of evaluation and quality assurance in pursuit of continuing self-improvement.
  9. To strengthen CAAHEP by increasing its financial viability through the improvement of existing revenue programs, developing new funding resources for the organization, and increasing the efficiency/effectiveness of existing systems.
We will be sharing the new Strategic Plan at the 2019 Annual Meeting in April in San Antonio. It will show you that the mission of CAAHEP remains steadfast. We look towards the future, beginning with a big celebration of our 25-year history this April.

Throughout the coming year, CAAHEP will have guest writers submit Blog posts reviewing their history with the organization and what the issues of the day were when they were involved. There is much to be learned from our history. We hope that you will enjoy our year-long trip down memory lane and will look to the future with us as we work towards continued success in the next 25 years.
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