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Why is Accreditation Important?

Read what people are saying:

“I am a firm believer in program accreditation, and believe CAAHEP has done a wonderful job in setting standards that improve the educational process. I was CONVINCED my program was good before accreditation, but didn't have a means of proving it. Going through the self-study(ies), the site visit(s), and the review process I have been able to identify and correct our program’s weaknesses.... The entire process has allowed me to create a program that can stand toe to toe with any other program in the country as an equal. I understand some people take accreditation as a necessary evil - demanded by their institution or their industry - but to me it is a day-to-day challenge of what can I do better to improve my program in the future.”
- Jeff McDonald, Program Director, Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic, Tarrant Community College, Hurst, TX

"CAAHEP accreditation allows our graduates to sit for their credentialing exam immediately after finishing their program, which is advantageous to their employment pursuit.  In addition, the employer knows that they are getting the best of the best when hiring a graduate from a CAAHEP accredited program."
- Ibrahim Daoud, BS, RPSGT, Polysomnography Program Director, Central Florida Institute

"Accreditation offers assurance to our students and our community that our program is the highest quality program that will best prepare students to be entry level medical assistants. And - most importantly - it allows our students to be able to sit for the CMA exam!"
- Dee Kinney, MA, RD, CMA (AAMA), Program Director - Medical Assisting, University of Cincinnati - Clermont College
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