Publications & Governing Documents

CAAHEP has a number of publications that may be of assistance to anyone who is interested in learning more about CAAHEP activities.

CAAHEP Policy and Procedures Manual sets out all CAAHEP policies.  Information regarding the responsibilities of the Commission and the Board of Directors are found in this publication.  Additionally, information regarding accreditation recommendations, Standards development and approval, entrance into the CAAHEP system of accreditation by a profession, etc., are all found in this publication

The CAAHEP By Laws describe the structure and procedures under which CAAHEP operates.  Within the By Laws you will find our commission structure, how the Board of Directors is elected and permanent CAAHEP committees.

The Annual Report is published once yearly and provides the public with an accounting of CAAHEP’s finances as well as an overview of activities for the previous fiscal year.

The Communiqué is the organizational newsletter of CAAHEP.  It is published six times yearly and provides information to the CAAHEP community regarding the activities of the Board of Directors (including accreditation recommendations), information regarding upcoming meetings and other CAAHEP initiatives.

The Strategic Plan is a guiding document of the organization, providing a brief overview of where CAAHEP “is going.”

Periodically, CAAHEP hosts webinars on a variety of topics. These sessions are recorded for viewing at any time.

In 2013, CAAHEP developed an informational brochure for potential students of the professions in which CAAHEP accredits programs, which is entitled "What is CAAHEP Accreditation...and why should I care?"  

The Recent Graduate Commissioner Nomination form is used to nominate a recent graduate of a CAAHEP accredited program to serve on the Commission.

CAAHEP Organizational Chart

CAAHEP Standards Template (11/2014)